Monday, July 2, 2012


After 2 full days in transit, we went from Burma... Palau.

Thousands of deserted mushroom-shaped islands with white sand beaches and hidden coves waiting to be explored (if you got fat stacks and a boat, anyway)

I have never seen water so clear and blue

You can see right through to the bottom!

Makes for great kayaking

through mangroves...

and little streams

This is Milkyway Lagoon, a little spot among the islands that has therapeutic mud which gives the water an off-white creamy blue color

This is a mandatory part of visiting the Milkyway

Palau is also home to the world's biggest dolphin research center

This is a pregnant female and her baby daddy's in the back

They feel like wet leather

Dolphin juice right in the face


Off-roading in ATVs is the best way to explore the mainland

We went through some super dense rocky jungle paths! Couldn't take a single good pic because the entire ATV felt like it was gonna roll over any second

We rode the hell of out the mountain to get to the highest point in Palau

Japanese occupation left many cool WWII relics

Island diarrhea 

In my opinion, Palau is cooler than its touristy neighbors (Fiji, Bora Bora, Guam, etc.) mostly because of jellyfish lake, but also because everyone here is Japanese! We ate pretty good Japanese food every night, and everyone was super nice and cute and friendly (as all Japanese people are). I probably won't go back to Palau in the foreseeable future though...too damn expensive and hard to get to!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Burma Part 2: Inle

WARNING: Picture vomit!!

On the day we went to Inle Lake in Burma, I butt raped my camera into submission. Never have I taken more pictures in one day. 2000+ images!! We only took the boat out of a few hours, so that’s literally dozens of pictures taken every minute.

The most photogenic place in the entire universe? Possibly.

I was definitely having multiple picture-gasms. I couldn't stop laughing and clicking away like a raving lunatic!

Seriously...what the fuck. Unreal!

The god they are so photogenic.

Why you no adopt, Angelina and Brad?

LOVE this picture. Put any inspirational quote on this and you've got yourself a motivational poster.

Took like a hundred pics of him doing this just to get the right shot.

Considering that any bumfuck with a decent camera considers himself a photographer nowadays, I was totally one too and went National Geographic on that ass, taking pictures of every woman, child, plant, stilt house, and boat we came across. When you combine a perfectly pristine/reflective lake surrounded 360 by lush rolling mountains, beautiful people, unique architecture, fantastic vegetation, and a gorgeous blue sky…shit don’t get much better.

I was obsessed.


You don't come across a view like this too often

Some local kids kept playing hide and seek with us amongst these stupas...damn they were so fast!

Dat reflection!

Fields of sunflowers everywhere

Come little boy, let me put you in my bag

People don't row the boats; they just do this leg thing...

Seriously, Inle Lake blew my fucking mind. There have only ever been two times traveling when I felt so overwhelmed with appreciation and got all emotional: one time in Japan underneath an array of cherry blossoms eating delicious shaved iced, and the other when we first rode out into the lake, passing these stunning inlets lined by marsh that led straight into the mountains. Holy fuck, how am I so lucky to see such things?

Women with very long necks

No idea what I was doing here...

Needless to say, pictures don’t do a place like this justice. It is a fucktillion times more beautiful in real life!